Friday, February 1, 2013

Exit Tickets - What Students Do and Don't Understand...

Exit tickets are so valuable in my classroom. I think it's really important that I shape my curriculum according to my students' needs on a weekly basis. Because I teach a supplemental Algebra class (Algebra Plus), it is key that I ask the students what they do and don't understand in their regular Algebra class on a weekly basis. I usually do this once a week because I use my Fridays for review. I really like the template that I use because it enables me to see what topics I need to go back to and hit. This allows me to help my students to better understand the concepts that seem difficult for them.

I have a freebie in my TpT store that I would love for you to grab. Just click on the picture below and download my Exit Tickets Freebie. I hope this helps you evaluate what your students need help with.


Really hope you enjoy this short and sweet post!!!  Have a great weekend!                                 


  1. Thanks for the great freebie! Will use these in my science class next week!

    Addie Education - Teacher Talk

  2. Love it! This is a great freebie.

  3. I use exit tickets every single day! It's a great way to assess student's knowledge! :)