Friday, April 26, 2013

School's (Almost Over) Blog Hop and Giveaway...

This year has been a first for me...I have taught something other than Algebra I. I was fortunate enough to be able to teach Algebra Plus this year, a supplemental class for Algebra I. I was able to teach at a slower pace and engage students in lots of hands-on activities along with projects using technology. As the year comes to a close it is always difficult to find new and exciting ways to keep students interested in what they are doing until the last day. I have decided to have my students become the teachers. They will all choose a concept and become the teacher. I did this activity my first year of teaching and students seemed to really enjoy it. They have to come up with notes, example problems, a quick exit example and a cheat sheet. Here are some examples from my students.

Here is a freebie for you that I start the year off with my students. A goal sheet to get them started in making goals and realizing what goes along with accomplishing them. Get's them thinking in the right direction. My Goals - Beginning the Year

The lucky winner will be able to grab my Combining Like Terms - Quick Review as well as many other great products.

Good luck to everyone!

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Friday, April 5, 2013

Weekly Agendas Plus A Freebie...

In my class, students are responsible for keeping track of assignments using their weekly agenda sheets that I created. Students are to get new ones every week. They keep them in their student binder for my class (these don't leave the classroom). I never have to worry about students that have missed class or assignments because they just ask their study buddy and find out from their agenda. I also use this as a way to get students into the classroom and in their seats before the tardy bell rings. I've always had trouble with students loitering in the halls but since I started agendas this year, I'm having fewer issues, much fewer. Students come in and get out their binders, write down the agenda for the hour and get ready for class. It's GREAT!!!

Here is an example of this week's agenda filled out...


This has really helped my students get in to a routine and become more responsible. I also like how students are able to ask each other what they missed on days they were absent. It also eliminates me from having to start class late because I'm trying to get absent students taken care of before class.

Everyday I write the date and objective on the board. I also put collaborate group strips (magnetic) on the whiteboard so that students can fill in that section of the agenda. I also hang the standard (just the standard, no explanation) on a bulletin board by the board in a sheet protector so that students can write that in too. I made the strips different colors so that it looks more exciting and not so dull just written on the board. 

Visit my TpT store and download this freebie. I hope that use can utilize it in your classroom the way I have been able to. Click on the picture below to be taken to my freebie. Feedback is always welcome. Enjoy!!!

 Hope you have a GREAT weekend!!!