Sunday, October 28, 2012

Changing Up a Chapter Review...

Since I teach a supplemental class for Algebra I this year, I have had to find different ways to approach the regular ways of a math class. Last week I decided to have my students work on a Chapter Review for their upcoming test...Inequalities and Compound Inequalities, Unions/Intersections, and Set-Builder Notation. I chose to change things up and create a math activity for it. I call it the Question Run. I created 20 questions that go along with the review that the students work on in their regular Algebra I class. This gives them more practice and a funner way to work.

I hide the 20 questions in different spots around my classroom, visible enough for students to find. I do this before the school day begins or the day before so that it's already done when I arrive for school. I then break students up into groups of three. Each group contains a "Runner", "Reader", and "Writer". The "runner" is the member that moves around the classroom to find the hidden questions. When they find one they take it back to their group. Then the "reader" reads the question aloud to the rest of the group. The "writer" writes down the problem that needs to be solved and the group works on it together to solve the problem. When they have finished, the "writer" writes the answer on the answer sheet that I have provided for them. The "runner" takes the question and returns it to the place in which they found it. They now look for another question. The students repeat this cycle until all questions have been answered. 

I did this for the first time in my class this week and my students really liked it. They stayed engaged and did lots of cooperative learning within their groups. It was good to see the competition among the students. They really took their time on making sure that their answers were correct. I also noticed that when there were a couple groups left at the end of class that students from other groups were helping and explaining how to work the remaining questions that the other groups had left. I really enjoyed seeing the teaching that was going on in my classroom.

I have the Question Run that I created in my TpT store. So if you would like to check it out and see if it may be something that you would like to use in your classroom, feel free to take a look. Click on the picture below to be taken to this product.

Hope you enjoy!!!

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